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Hello, I'm Flea.

I am a Dancer, Healer, and Lover of social and healing justice. I find meaning in connecting people to nature: body, mind, heart, and spirit. Making these connections through reflections in nature, movement, mindfulness and words brings us into wholeness and healing.

As a somatic and nature-based life and career coach, I step into every meeting intending to listen with my body, mind and heart and offer a healing space where people can tap into their bodies, minds, and hearts to discover themselves and create change as they desire.

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My Story


 I am a Dancer. From a young age, I have danced in my bedroom to connect with and release my feelings. I inherited the need to release the intensity of emotions and oppression that my parents carried. I am the daughter of a Black man who faced racism on his journey to become a physician and healer. I am the daughter of a White woman who faced sexism on her path to becoming a lawyer advocating for diversity and equity in criminal justice and the workplace. Now, I dance to heal my ancestors, myself, and communities.


I am a Healer. By moving my feelings with dance, words, and nature, I discovered I could move from numbness to aliveness. My father taught me the power of the body to move and heal. In dealing with multiple losses, including the deaths of my parents and dealing with uterine cancer, I put this lesson into action. By dancing with my feelings,  I could make space for my grief from losing my parents to the health impacts of  prolonged racism and sexism and sacrificing my own uterus. 


I am a Lover. I love connecting with people through emotions, movement, and nature. My mother taught me to focus my emotional passion on caring for people by raising their critical consciousness and awareness of social issues. Now, I've added my own twist by focusing on the body, feelings, and nature. Nature teaches me that everything is connected and guides me to support others in seeing and strengthening our interconnectedness. Through discovering my ties to nature, I am becoming an advocate for emotional intelligence, somatic awareness, and critical consciousness.


I'd love to chat with you and discuss my offerings.

Let's connect.


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