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Listen, Move, Reflect

Coaching Training
in Higher Education

Listen Deeply to Strengthen Agency and Partnerships

Enhance coaching relationships between coaches and college students by focusing on creating learning partnerships, raising critical consciousness and drawing upon mindfulness-based social emotional learning within the context of coaching. Through trainings, consultations and/or coach/student reflection tools, we provide the resources educators need to disrupt oppressive mindsets and systems facing 1st Generation college students and their coaches/allies/advocates.

Dancing with Grief


Acknowledge grief through ritual and dance. Through this workshop, we identify a loss, see what emotions arise and find a home for their energy. We will draw upon nature and identity as we use mindfulness and movement to explore how our loss can be a doorway to grief and joy. 

Workshop Dates:

March 23, 2024

Befriending Grief 

a destination daylong retreat

in Muir Beach, CA

Somatic and Nature-Based Life and Career Coaching

Reflect and Create Conscious Change

Tap into the wisdom of your body, mind, heart, spirit and nature to expand your emotional and physical wellness and build resiliency and interconnectedness.

Utilizing nature-based, mindfulness and movement strategies, I guide clients through the power of reflection in body, heart, and mind, to identify goals, to hone motivation and to embody values in action. 

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